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Do all MVU Blackboard courses meet Michigan curriculum standards?
How do I create an Observer account to view my student's progress, grades or login information?
How do I login to Blackboard?
How do I request an extension to complete my course?
How do I submit my assignments?
What can I do when I am having trouble viewing course content?
What do I do when my Class Menu is missing?
Where do I start?
Who should I contact with questions concerning my grades?​
Why is my course not working on Chromebook?


How To

Add/Remove Students within Observer Dashboard
How to Add and Exception in Your Java Player for Maple TA

Change My Password
Change Webpage Text Size
Create an Observer Account
Check My Grades
Edit My Personal Information
Enable Flash on Chromebook
Message My Instructor
Personalize Notification Preferences
Print Student Gradebook​
Record My Voice for Audio Assignments
Register for New Lab Session - Chinese Courses
Report Harassment or Plagiarism
Report Technical Issues within Course
Review Course Announcements
Submitting and Accessing Assignments
View My Classes
View Student Login History
View Student Progress Summary​
View Student's Gradebook

Processes and Procedures

Blackboard Collaborate
End of Course Survey
Error: BrainPOP Account Notice​​
Error: The Time Has Expired
Familiarize Yourself with Course Content
Forgot My Password
Language Resources Policy for MVS World Language Courses
Mentor Access in Apex Learning
New to Blackboard
Parent/Mentor Guide for Courses taught in the Blackboard Learning Management System
Tests and Quizzes


Getting Started in Your MVS Course in Blackboard​
Utilizing a Blackboard Observer Role


Browser Configuration
Quick Start Guide


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