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Michigan Virtual

​Customer and Enrollment Management System (CEMS)​


How can a School User enroll a student?
How can I change a student enrollment?
How can I enroll My Child in Courses?
How do I change my CEMS password?
How do I login to CEMS?
How do I print the certificate of completion?
How do I register for an account in CEMS?
How does a School User create multiple student profiles in CEMS?
Is my school/entity part of a consortium?
What is the Student Progress Widget?
Why is CEMS not working on my Chromebook?

How To

Access Mentor Reports
Add a New User to CEMS
Add Existing Users to an Entity
Add New User
Batch Student Upload
Cancel an Enrollment
CEMS Login
Change Password
Change Payment Method
Change Selected Entity
Download Enrollments 
Edit, Drop or Withdraw an Enrollment
Edit Profile Information
Edit or View a User Profile
Enable Flash on Chromebook
Enrollment Information
Locate Instructor PIC
Manage Purchase Order
Mark Enrollment as Section 21f
Mark Multiple Enrollments as Section 21f
Obtain Final Grades
Pay for Pending Enrollments
Print Completion Certificate
Purchase Orders
     Track Balance
Register A New Account
Remove an Attached Purchase Order Form from Enrollment
Remove Students from an Entity
Resend Registration Email
Search Enrollments
Setup Parent-Student Relationships
Upload Purchase Order
Use Scholarship
View My Profile
View a User Profile
View Student Login History


Processes and Procedures

Create Purchase Order
Email Notifications
Entity (School) Management
Error: Invalid User Code​
Error: Invalid User Name or Bad Password
Extension Policy and Form
My Pending Enrollments Widget
Order Search
Parent Relationship Widget
Unable to Access CEMS


Getting Started with a Homeschool Account
Create a New Student
Create a Parent and Student Account​
Enrolling Multiple Students
Enrolling Students in an MVS Course​
Submitting Payment to MVS​


Fix site display problems with Compatibility View
Navigation Overview
Technical Requirements

MVS Enrollment Tutorials
Getting Started with a Homeschool Account Enrolling Multiple Students Creating a New Student Understanding the Basics Image Map

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