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Accommodations & Accessibility Guidelines

As a follow up to our communication to partner districts in October 2015 regarding Obligations to Students With Disabilities, Michigan Virtual School (MVS) online instructors can make limited accommodations for students working under the guidance of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Section 504 Plan. Since MVS offers an environment that is asynchronous, it is not possible for instructors to read content to students. However, tools such as text-to-speech are offered along with other accessibility options at Microsoft Accessibility. Apple has an option for OS X called VoiceOver, as well as Chrome OS.

Regarding offering more time on tests or quizzes for students, this can be accomplished by asking the individual instructor to take off the timer on assessments for that student, however, the assessments must be completed in one sitting once they are opened. Also, teacher notes that could be shared with students are not available because our learning environment is not lecture-based. Since Michigan Virtual School courses are aligned to standards, content cannot be eliminated. Michigan Virtual School will, however, report the total points earned out of the total course points at the end of the term and it is the responsibility of the local school to actually assign whatever letter grade they deem appropriate on the student’s transcript. All assignments need to be completed by the course end date. If there are other accommodations you would like considered for your student, please feel free to discuss them with the online instructor.


Additional Information:

Please refer to the Individualized Learning Plan & 504 Plan Suggested Accommodations page.

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