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​Record Student Course Information into the MSDS


This document describes how to populate a few fields within the Student Course Component in the Michigan Student Data System (MSDS) for a MVS® Course.


  1. Locate the course syllabus within the CEMS Course Catalog.
    • Find the course by locating the appropriate content area, choosing the school level tab and finally selecting the subject link.
    • Select the Course Title to display the course syllabus link.
    • Click the syllabus link to open a new window containing the course information needed to populate the MSDS.
  2. Match the values from the course syllabus to complete the required fields in the MSDS.
    • We recommend that you add “- MVS” to the “Local Course Title” to help identify MVS as the provider of this course.
  3. Michigan Virtual School instructors do not have a Personal Identification Code (PIC). This field must be populated with the course Mentor’s PIC. A mentor teacher may be reported as the teacher of record for virtual delivery courses. Mentor teachers must be certified teachers. You may enter a maximum of three mentors.
  4. Choose “Yes” from the Virtual Delivery drop down menu as the delivery method for an MVS course is virtual.
  5. Select “Yes” from the Mentor Teacher drop down menu as the instructor of this virtual delivery course is serving in a mentor teacher capacity.


Additional Information:

  1.  See page 25 of the Michigan Student Data System (SDS) Teacher-Student Data Link Collection Details Manual Addendum for more information.

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