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How do I add courses to the Local District/Statewide catalogs?
What if I have questions about the new online learning legislation?

How To

Add Additional District Users
Add Catalog Link to District Public Website
Add Student Performance Information
Change Entity
Change Password
Delete Course Syllabus
Display 3rd Party Offering on Local District Catalog
Edit Profile
Import Vendor Syllabi
Mark an Enrollment as "Section 21f"
Provide Entity Registration Code
Register District User
Request District’s Registration Code
Retrieving Syllabi Code
Search Course Offering

Processes and Procedures

Add New Course Syllabi
Creating Course Offerings
Determining SCED Code Information
Entering Course Review Information
Forgot My Password
Manage Pricing
Manage Terms
Search Your Syllabi




Guidelines and Model Review Process

Non-Member Access

Email Course Syllabi
Enroll in an Online Course
Print Course Syllabus
Save a Course Syllabus
Search District Catalog
Search Statewide Catalog


Add Third-Party Syllabi Information
Change Password
Delete Course Syllabus

Determining SCED Code Information​
Edit Profile
Entering Course Review Information
Obtain Provider/Registration Code
Online Course Review Process for Third-Parties
Online Learning Legislation Questions
Vendor Registration
Share Syllabi Information with Districts
Third-Party Vendor Guide​
Retrieving Syllabi Code


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